So it doesn't come out in polite conversation



Well ok, so I’m a little strange. I’ve been called worse. But is it a big deal that I’d rather be wondering if ants break wind, than whether global terrorism is more of a threat than antibiotic resistant bacteria? I’m not alone there, am I?

“So what’s your blog about then?” I hear you ask.

Good question.

It’s about weirdness, kindness, meanness, writing and polymerase chain reactions. No, not really that last one.

Some feedback on this blog:

“Wow Mum, I didn’t know you could do that.” – Daughter

“It’s okay, I s’pose. Whatever.” – Husband

“You know I love you, right? So I’ll support you even if it’s really bad.” – Best Friend (who incidentally has not followed this blog yet)


Like when you think you have a spider in the bed, and you can’t get to sleep until you wake your husband, strip the bed and asphyxiate yourself in a cloud of insecticide.


Like when you give someone the sandwich you really want because they’re hungrier than you.


Like when you laugh at the kid who just ran into the automatic doors because he was too small to set off the automatic sensor.


Because if I don’t write, these thoughts have to stay in my brain.

Polymerase chain reactions

Like when you’re wondering what DNA you can extract from this ancient stone tool. No, not really.

So I hope you stick around and find something you like.