So it doesn't come out in polite conversation


Welcome to megspot – the blog that keeps on giving! Actually, you won’t get anything, but it does sound full of hope, doesn’t it?

“Then what’s the point?” I hear you ask.

Good question.

Something much better than free stuff. You get to be tantalised, tormented and tickled by segments on weirdness, kindness, meanness, and all the other things that life can throw at you.

And let’s face it, if I was really giving away free stuff, it would be stuff like broken toasters, belly button lint and old dentures.

Some feedback on this blog:

“Wow Mum, I didn’t know you could do that.” – Daughter

“It’s okay, I s’pose. Whatever.” – Husband

“You know I love you, right? So I’ll support you even if it’s really bad.” – Best Friend (who incidentally has not followed this blog yet)


Further detail (if you aren’t satisfied by the above and still want free stuff)


Like when you think there’s a spider in the bed, and you can’t get to sleep until you wake your husband, strip the bed and asphyxiate yourself in a cloud of insecticide.


Like when you give someone the sandwich you really want because they’re hungrier than you.


Like when you laugh at the kid who just ran into the automatic doors because he was too small to set off the sensor.

Other things that life can throw at you

Cheese. Electrons. Nasal hair. You know, that kind of stuff.



So explore. Or not, whatever.