These are a few of my favourite puns

Why Maria never had puns on her list, I’ll never know. After all, she did live in a “pun-nery” Hyuk hyuk.

Have you ever wondered why puns are so funny – even the bad ones?

Who cares? Here’s some of my favourites (and they’re really punny – sorry, had to say it).

I will admit to sneaking in a few that aren’t exactly puns, but they’re funny anyway.

  • I hate German sausages – they’re the wurst
  • That exit sign light isn’t working properly – it’s really on the way out (thanks Cathy).
  • The pumpkin had to get off the bus because it was too squashy on there.
  • What did the plant say to the grasshopper? “Leaf me alone”
  • Cashew and macadamia were out on a date when they were assalted. (Sorry, that’s nut funny)
  • I swallowed some Scrabble letters – Next time I use the bathroom could spell disaster.-

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