Ah, Monday

I’m smiling as I wake. It’s still the weekend! But wait – wasn’t it Sunday yesterday? No, that was Saturday, surely? No, because on Saturday I cleaned the carpet, and I remember that because on Sunday, the dog dragged his butt all over it. Right, so that means…Oh Jeez… It’s Monday.

Sigh. Roll out of bed.

Okay, let’s just get this over with. I move myself unwillingly through the motions,  excuses thought of and swiftly rejected.

“The dog ate my homework”?

“The dog ate my husband”?

“The dog ate the aliens who were trying to abduct me”?

Arrive at work to find staff already clustered in the doorway, smiles on faces, discussing their amazing weekend. Swimming, biking, laughing, dinner with semi-famous tv personalities, socialising… Try to slide through the door without being seen but,

What did you get up to Meg?

“Uh…. I washed the car. And, um, cleaned the house? Yeah, I did do the washing too – well most of it anyway.”

“Oh.” Sympathetic smile. “Well, what about that new movie on the weekend? How good was it?”

Own smile faltering a little. “Yeah, I guess. I didn’t really catch it. Anyway, heaps to do…”

Go into office and don’t look at the pile of work left over from last week. Maybe I should set fire to it? Or flush it, strip by strip, down the loo? Is there a hungry dog nearby, perhaps?

Sigh. Begin ritual.

I’ve never been one to accept defeat, no matter how small, preferring instead to – shall we say – tell a small fib?

So Monday rolls around again, but this time I’m prepared. I jump out of bed, smile in place and get to work a full three minutes early.

What did you get up to Meg?

“Oh my gosh, so glad you asked! Hubby and I went to Vanuatu and met the most amazing people! Got totally spoilt with massage, scented oils, great shopping. Went scuba diving. It was so great! Anyway, so much to do. Better get to it!”

“But -”

“You said something?”

“I saw your husband shopping on Saturday afternoon.”

“Uh… shopping, you say?”

Nod. Smile.

“Uh, yes, that’s right. I mean, heh, did I say husband?” Move toward now-teetering pile of left-over work. “Gosh, I meant my sister. Family – they’re all the same, heh heh. Anyway, better get to it!”

Love Mondays.

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