Craft fun for holidays

“Hey, let’s make some mini felt animals!”

“What a great idea! I’m not really great with the whole sewing thing, but how hard can it be? I mean, they’re only little right?”

So step one requires sharp scissors, some felt and the stencil. But my daughter’s on it already. “There’s the stencil we want.”

“No, that says sloth. We want penguin.”

“But I want to make the sloth.”

“No, that’s too hard. Let’s start at the beginning. With the penguin.”

“Okay, I’ll cut the felt.”

Sound of snipping.

“Oops, I just cut the wrong bit.”

“That’s okay, let’s start again.”

Snipping sounds again, overlay of muttering. “I cut the wrong bit again.”

“Maybe use the stencil, like it says here in the instructions.”

“There’s no need to get cranky.”

“I’m not cranky. Just trying to offer a suggestion.”

Flash forward to an hour later. “Right. Pieces cut. Now what?”

“Less attitude would be good right about now. I’ll thread the needle. Have you seen my glasses? They were here a minute ago.”

“Where you left them?”

“Not helpful.” Try to thread without glasses. “Maybe you try.”

Flash forward to 15 minutes later.

“I can’t either. What is it with this thread? Was it designed for weirdos with big eyes and little fingers?”

“Let’s not get cranky. It will spoil the fun.”

“What fun?”

“The fun we’re supposed to be having.”

“I’m not having fun. This is stupid.”

Right breathe deep, go for a walk.

Flash forward to 10 minutes later. Have been down to see Madge who, after several tears (mine) and much eye rolling (hers), has threaded the needle.

Okay. Let’s do this.

“It says to do a whip stitch.”

“What’s a whip stitch?”

“Uh, you know, the one like is shown there?”

“Oh, okay. Is this right?”

“No. I’m not sure what that is.”

“There’s no need to get cranky.”


Flash forward to early evening.

“So that was fun…”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Shall we do the sloth?”

“Uh. Maybe. Let’s think about it.”

But at least it looks like a penguin. Here’s the final product:


Just kidding. That’s the one in the book. Here’s ours.

IMG_Penguin talking

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