Kids are so…

Kids are great for your self-esteem.

What Mum isn’t chuffed when their daughter tells them they look like a butterfly?

“Aw, thanks honey,” said I, slightly blushing.

“Yeah,” she said. “Your arms are all droopy – just like butterfly wings. Weeee! Flap, flap, flap!”

I smiled tightly and patted her on the head. “Yes, Mummy is a butterfly. A pretty and clever butterfly.”

Father-in-law looked at me over his half-moons and shook his head, stifling a smile. “Kids,” he said. “Say what we’re too polite to.”


“I guess you’re right,” I said. “Why just the other day, she was telling me how you smell like mothballs.”

Mother-in-law looked up from her magazine. “Yes, he does rather. When he doesn’t smell like old-man-gas.”

He nodded slowly and returned to his paper.

Mummy is a butterfly!

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