Trust issues

Trust is an interesting thing, isn’t it? I mean, we trust that the guy flipping our burger hasn’t had his finger up his nose moments before. We trust that the barista hasn’t spat in our coffee because she didn’t like the way we paid with ten-cent coins and pocket lint, promising to pay her the last thirty cents next time.

And then there’s the other trust. The one that has you suddenly freak out at the bus stop because you may have left the iron on. Do you really trust yourself?

Brain: You left the iron on.

Me: Are we doing this again? I didn’t leave the iron on.

Brain: ….

Me: Did I?

Brain: …

Me: Wait, do I remember turning it off? (Think hard, seem to remember flipping the switch and pulling the cord – but not sure if that was yesterday or this morning).

Brain: …

Me: I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t have left the iron on.

Brain: Wouldn’t you? You’re pretty forgetful. Especially with that big meeting.

Me: Yeah. So I may have left it on. But if I go and check, I’ll miss the bus. And if I miss the bus, I’ll be late for the meeting.

Brain: …

Me: But if I don’t check, I could burn the house down.

Brain: That’s pretty serious.

Me: …

Brain: Oh hang on, you’re okay. You didn’t even iron your clothes this morning.

Me (looking down): I didn’t iron! And it’s the big meeting today.

Sprint home, take out the iron, hastily press clothes while calling a taxi. Eat a quick bit of chocolate, just to calm the nerves.

In the taxi, admire the knife-edge creases in your pants, smile because you’ll make the meeting on time.

Brain: You left the iron on.


6 thoughts on “Trust issues

  1. Happens to me more than I want to admit. So much so, I will get up 3 times after getting into bed to go check if I turned off this or that, or locked the front or back door, check the gas stove…. Drives me bat shit crazy!


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