Being superwoman could be a little easier

Leading by example isn’t always as easy as looking busy or volunteering at bingo.

When my daughter said she wanted to be a chef, I – being the great role model that I am – thought I’d show her what that may entail.

Now before you hold your breath in anticipation of the suspected disaster that is about to follow, I will say that I cooked a perfectly respectable omelette the other day without burning a thing – except some arm hairs I didn’t really need anyway. And maybe half an eyebrow.

But every day is a new opportunity, right? So with that positive mind-frame, I began.

“I’ll make coffee, you wash your hands,” I said. “Then go get everything you need.”

“How do I know what I’ll need?”

“Uh, you sort of make it up. Like if you want to cook roast lamb, you’ll need lamb. And, um, maybe some other stuff. But that doesn’t matter – we’re not cooking lamb are we?”

She shrugged. “What are we cooking?”

“Um… Let’s wing it. Just grab some stuff.”

She returned with some beans and a bag of rice, some soy sauce and a jar of pickles.

“Great job, honey. Let’s get to work. But maybe pop the rice back. The rice cooker hasn’t worked properly since I tried to make lasagna in it.”

She returned from the pantry with a hopeful look of anticipation that made me gulp my coffee too fast and spill it down my front. I excused myself to go to the bathroom and madly Googled recipes that contained beans, soy sauce and pickles.

Pickled beans it is. With pickles.

Let’s just fast-forward a few hours shall we?

“Uh, Mum?”

“Yes honey?” I said, rinsing vinegar out of my eye.

“I don’t really want to be a chef any more.”

I nodded in a wise and thoughtful manner, thinking I might need to replace the waffle iron and blender before hubby got home.

Or, like a good role model, maybe just bury it all in the back yard then go look busy for a while.

3 thoughts on “Being superwoman could be a little easier

    1. I am so happy to help lift your spirits (but not happy they were down in the first place). Happiness is elusive sometimes, but you can always find it if you look – sometimes in really weird places – like you did today! 🙂


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