Blissful days of normality

It’s important to challenge yourself in life. To that end, I made a concerted effort to have no minor – or major – accidents for a week. Really watch where I was going and avoid everything that may be a potential hazard. And for someone like me (see my other posts), that’s never going to be easy. I mean, I can find potential hazards in a padded room.

Things went really well for about two days.

On the ominously grey morning of day three, I was reading the paper and minding my own business, when a massive spider crawled up my leg. I jumped, spilling my coffee down my shirt, wheeling backward and taking the chair with me. The chair fell into the cabinet, the glass doors shattering into pieces. But then I couldn’t see the spider, so panicked and threw myself around the room, knocking books off shelves and snagging my shirt on the coffee table, knocking it over, spilling the vase of flowers onto the rug.

My husband appeared in the doorway and quietly surveyed the wreckage.

He shook his head slowly. “I like it better when you don’t make an effort.”


2 thoughts on “Blissful days of normality

  1. I hope you weren’t injured in the process and hopefully the spider is now dead so it will never cause so much havoc and damage in the future. I like your husband’s sense of humour.


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