Never trust your cat with unattended food

You know those moments when you see the cat running away from something but then realise it ate the mince that was defrosting on the sink and it’s not really running away, but trying to poop out the bag it swallowed whole instead? And how you begin to understand you’re going to have to help pull it out?

Yeah, those moments.

15 thoughts on “Never trust your cat with unattended food

  1. I can’t exactly say I feel your pain but I have had to clean up my floors after my dogs have gotten a hold of deer guts and ate them until they could not eat any more and then “deposited” them all over my floors during the middle of the night. Or the time one ate a whole bunch of caterpillar worms and then got sick all over my 6yr. Old daughter in the back seat of the car. Or the time I woke up to a ghastly smell and at 3am had to move my stove and fridge away from the walls since a dog had let loose a torrent of watery stool material and because the floor was uneven it went behind the appliances. Or the time I opened up my daughter’s bedroom window shade and found a pig head looking at me that a dog had dragged home. I could continue but this is your blog and not mine!


  2. Haha, that reminds me of something my vet said after I told her some of the things I had to do because of a very sick dog. Her response was “the life of a pet owner is not a glamorous one.” Oh the stories I could tell…

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