A riot of colour…or something…

Interior decorating. Well, why not? I’m not bad at creative stuff, so why not give it a bash? I’m always finding new things to do.

The snot-green wall was replaced with a snot-green wall with a picture on it, and a vase of flowers was placed on the mantle. Next, some cushions. I like blue, but does blue match? Hmm, not sure.

“Molly, what do you think about blue cushions?” I called.

“I hate blue, Mum,” she called back. “Try orange.”

In went the orange cushions. And a blue one to make the orange ones stand out. I searched the spare room and the shed, and pulled out all the pieces that I love but have been relegated to the dark corners. My golden pineapple poster, the woven rug and the old red recliner. I even covered the mouse holes with a nice throw rug.

After a few hours, I stood back to survey my handiwork. I dared a small grin. Maybe I could do this for a living – there’s always a call for people with talent and a good eye.

Lost in a daydream of a full bank account and a career where no one would laugh, awkwardly step away or sadly shake their head at me, I jumped as my husband’s voice echoed through the room.

“Holy crap, what have you done!” he said. “It looks like a unicorn vomited in here.”

“Unicorn?” I said. “Vomit?”

“Yep,” he said. “Unicorn vomit. Like the unicorn ate a big bowl of rainbows and glitter and then just puked it all up.”

I processed that for a few minutes. And then I smiled again. Rainbows and unicorns? I’d found my niche at last.

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