Don’t look. Whatever you do, don’t look

You know those moments when you’re talking to someone with several lengthy hairs growing out of a mole on his chin, and you can’t concentrate on anything else? And he clocks you looking, and you know he has but there’s nothing in the world but you and his chin? And then, when you try to be cool about it, the gravitational pull impels you to reach toward it – so you decide it’s better to just cut the conversation short? And then, as you make a hasty retreat, your traitorous lips utter, “Okay, see you later then, mole hairs – I mean – have a good chin. I mean – hair. In the mole. On your chin. I mean… See you.”?

Yeah, those moments.

10 thoughts on “Don’t look. Whatever you do, don’t look

  1. Oooo, I hate that. My mom-in-law had a dear older friend that had a Hitler mustache mole on half of her upper lip. Could I keep my eyes off of that sucker? I tried so hard. If I could just have stopped time for a minute so I could have really checked it out, then I would have been good to go forever. But to see it and not be able to closely investigate the individual hairs growing out of that mole….it was pure torture.

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