Oh, you mean any metal object?

You know those moments when you’re a kid and your Mum tells you not to stick a fork in the toaster, so you stick in a knife instead, and the next thing you remember is the floor being nice and cool but smelling vaguely of sizzling hair?

Yeah, those moments.



NOTE: Don’t stick anything in the toaster (except bread…Or crumpets…Or Pop Tarts..Or sometimes, if you slice them thin enough, hot cross buns – but not the chocolate ones because the chocolate melts and gets sticky and messy all through the toaster, and when it dries on the element it can catch fire).

(Trust me, I know these things).


6 thoughts on “Oh, you mean any metal object?

  1. You must have given your parents a run for their money as a kid! (What does “run for their money” even mean? Was in coined (oh wasn’t that a clever choice of word) during the Crash of ‘29 when people began running to the bank to grab their money before the banks closed? Or did parents back in the “olden days” make their children run for their allowances? (My 8 yr.old grandson once asked my daughter if I lived back in the “olden days” cause I was telling him that when I was really little we did not have a TV, and phones had cords and were attached to the walls and we did not have computers or cell phones!). But as far as I can remember, my parents never made me run for my allowance….tho, I did have to do housework for it. I sucked at both. I still suck at both only now I am old enough that no one can make me do either! Score 1 for me!

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    1. Score a gazillion to you. I suck at both too, but having tripped over a pile of dirty clothes into another pile of dirty clothes, I now feel housework is one of those necessary evils.
      You had a phone with a cord?! Was it one like mine where you had to put your finger in the dial thingy and pull it around then release just to dial a single number? They were better than any Xbox. Fun for hours!


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