Obviously my IQ isn’t high enough to assemble my new bed frame. In fact, both my husband’s and mine together aren’t enough, nor with the neighbour’s included. Admittedly, it’s a frame from a designer shop, and I have no mechanical ingenuity, but still. After an hour of struggling, I said, “Maybe we should really read the manual.” … More Easy-to-assemble?

Decaf mornings

“Why has no one invented a coffee dispenser that can read your mind, start making the coffee, and deliver it to the bedside table even before you open your eyes?” I whined. “That’s what I’m for,” said my husband. “No you’re not, silly. You’re not just a coffee dispenser.” I smiled. He returned it and … More Decaf mornings


“I see you have your cranky pants on today” was the expression, I believe. I chose not to engage with the statement, but did throw a cream bun at my lovely bestie to show my dissatisfaction with her remark. I know I’m not super-happy-awesome all the time, but just because I don’t generally like a … More Cranky-pants