I may have a few issues I need to sweep further under the carpet

My daughter told me yesterday that she loves udders. I was vaguely alarmed, but okay, she’s a little like her dad in that she chooses to love unexpected and often unpopular things. So I decided to just go with it. “So what makes you love them?” “They’re adorable. And the way they nurture the little … More I may have a few issues I need to sweep further under the carpet

The Principal

The “see how she’s settling in” interview with my daughter’s principal was due. Wanting to make a good impression, I wore a dress – something I don’t do normally. I also added makeup and heels. The professional look, you know. “Please don’t, Mum. You know how you are in heels. And that makeup makes you look funny.” … More The Principal

Counting chickens

  “Is it my fault the chickens ate my homework?” “It is when you smear it with honey and seed and leave it in the chicken coop.” “I had to. I hate algebra.” “You think the chickens don’t?” “I saw Bock-Bock scratching triangles in the dirt. I just put two and two together.” “Did you … More Counting chickens

Parenting with style

I am an awesome parent. Of course, some days I end up putting the remote in the toaster or feeding my child rice crispies for dinner, but it’s never out of malign intent. And it’s not like it happens every day. Between homework, music, drama, swimming and gymnastics practice I am mostly able to throw in the odd cleaning spree (unless I … More Parenting with style